1. When is the Purchase Period?

This Promotion applies to purchases made between 12:00AM AEDST on 17/01/2018 until 11.59pm AEDST on 20/02/2018.

2. When is the Entry Period?

Entry into this Promotion opens at 12:00AM AEDST on 24/01/2018 and will close at 11.59pm AEDST on 21/02/2018. All times referenced herein are AEDST, unless stated otherwise.

3. How do I know what products to purchase to participate?

You must purchase any Wonder White product from any Woolworths, Coles or Independent Supermarket within Australia.

4. Who can enter?

Entry is open to residents of Australia, subject to these Terms and Conditions (Eligible Entrant). You are not eligible to enter if you are an employee of the Promoter or its related corporations or agencies, or a participating store, or a member of such an employee’s immediate family.

5. How to enter?

  • During the Purchase Period, purchase any one (1) or more Wonder White product(s) in a single transaction from any participating supermarket in Australia.
  • Retain your original purchase receipt and then;
  • Visit wonderwhitepromo.com.au and follow the prompts to access the online entry form for this Promotion, input the requested details (including your first name, last name, email address, contact number, residential address and full purchase receipt number) and submit the fully completed entry form so that it is received during the Promotion Entry Period (Eligible Entry).

6. Where do I find my receipt number?


7. How many times can I enter the Wonder Days of Play promotion?

Multiple entries are permitted, but only one (1) entry is permitted per Wonder White product purchased. Each entry must be submitted separately and in accordance with the ‘How to enter’ instructions and you are not permitted to use any automated entry software or any other mechanical or electronic means that allows you to automatically enter, or enter repeatedly. Any such entries will render all Eligible Entries submitted by that Eligible Entrant invalid.

8. I don’t want to enter all the mandatory details

Incomplete or indecipherable entries will be deemed invalid.

9. Can I enter on my mobile?

Yes. Mobile entry is valid if all mandatory fields are entered.

10. I don’t want to enter via the website. Is there any other way I can enter?

No. Website is the only method of entering the promotion. Wonder White will not accept any other forms of entry (e.g. post, email, fax and phone).


11. How can I tell if my entry has been successful?

Eligible Entrants will be notified immediately after their Eligible Entry is received online. If they are a provisional instant winner they will be notified through the following landing page within wonderwhitepromo.com.au. They will also be notified of what prize they have provisionally won.  Their names will be published online at wonderwhitepromo.com.au from 28/02/17.
All provisional instant winners are subject to verification by the Promoter and the Promoter reserves the right to refuse to award any prize until proof of purchase and eligibility is provided to its reasonable satisfaction. Verification will be subjected to proof of purchase.

12. Do I need to keep my receipt?

Yes. Please retain your receipt until the end of promotion date.

13. I purchased my Wonder White product online from a supermarket. Can I still enter?

Yes. Online receipts are also valid for entry.

14. Do I need to send a copy of my receipt?

  • Only provisional winners will be required to provide a copy of their receipt.  Provisional winners will receive an email prompting them to provide a digital copy of their receipt for validation within 7 days.  Consumers will need to email the image of their receipt to the address as prompted as well as confirm their delivery address.

15. Will any receipt be okay to send?

Good Receipt

Whole receipt clearly visible

Flat, without folds or wrinkles

Sharp and bright image with good contrast

Bad Receipt



Poorly printed

Wrong perspective

With shadow

Zoomed out too far

Long or double-sided receipt

You can split a long receipt into multiple parts (up to 4 parts).
You don’t have to be really accurate as long as you’ve covered all the details on the receipt.


16. When will I receive my prize?

After proof of purchase validation, please expect the prize to be delivered to the nominated address within 30days of entry.

17. What if I don’t want the prize I won?

Unfortunately, you will not be able to choose the type or colour of the prize you have won.


18. I went onto the website to enter the promotion but was met with a disclaimer saying entries are not open yet. Why?

The entry period (website) does not open until 12:00am AESDT on 24/01/2018 and will close at 11:59pm AESDT on 21/02/2018.

19. What if the website isn’t accepting details I am providing and I keep getting an error message?

Check that you have entered all details correctly in all required fields (All Fields are mandatory). If you are still having trouble entering please contact customer service through the Contact Us page and we can assist you with the entry.

20. Why is the video not playing?

There are a few reasons why the video may not be playing;

  • Check your browser setting
  • Update your browser
  • Update your add-ons